Floral Dress in Nashville Style


It's spring time again and like every year we desire to buy something new to freshen up our wardrobe. Floral motifs are again a fashion trend and this is probably the best choice that you can do this spring.


For today's look I have chosen a dress with floral motifs. I can definitely say I'm a fan of floral motifs and any  type of floral prints. They emphasize the natural beauty and somehow remind me of that time from the 60s and the elegant style, focused on womanhood.


Here I opted for warm colors by the accessories and in particular on one of them, the hat. Cowboy hat is also one of the typical accessories of the 60s. Here with a combination with a dress it has this typical Nashville style, which I adore.

The look with floral motifs is available in my online shop and on this link:


Dress - C&A Clockhouse

Shoes - Deichmann

Bag - H&M

Hat - C&A Clockhouse


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