How to wear a Traditional Bulgarian Dress in a modern way


Today's post is related to the tradition, the dance and the love about Bulgaria. Today we are talking about how to wear a Traitional Bulgarian Dress in a modern way. As a true follower and lover of  Bulgarian traditions and folk dances they have become an integral part of my life and they have always been an inspiration for me. I love to show where I come from and I'm proud of it!

For today's look I chose a traditional embroidered handmade shirt , a woolen handmade belt, and a handmade bracelet with pendants by MaRaLi. I have combined the shirt with a black skirt, appropriate jewelery and accessories. Here I have chosen an option of wearing Bulgarian traditional dress with high heels. The design of the shirt brings this romantic look. I have to say this is one of my favorite styles combined with an old tradition. Another important and traditional hair accessory are the roses, without them the traditional Bulgarina look would not be completed.

One of most important things when you present a look or followed by a  tradition is to carry the spirit in your heart and be proud from where do you come from


Bulgarian Traditional Dress - Handmade

Bulgarian Traditional Belt - Handmade

Bulgarian Traditional Bracelet - Handmade by MaRaLi

Shoes - Deichmann

Skirt - Clockhouse



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