Music with style - Acoustic Champagne

I mostly post my different looks, but this time I will share with you something pretty cool. They are Acoustic Champagne, they love to do music and to look gourgeous on stage is a very important part of their performance, too. Now is the time to say thank you for the collaboration and trusting in me as a stylist.


Today's look is focused on men's fashion and how to look modern and good on stage. After trying different styles we chose a quite simple look: trousers, shirt, shoes and a belt in the same color like the shoes. The dark blue trousers in combination with the silver shirt are bringing this elegance, but at the same time it is also rocking and modern style. Beside the look you can really enjoy the music they do, they play hits from Elvis Presley to Bruno Mars with a lot of spirit and great sounds. 


Here you can see the look and part of the photoshooting where we had a great time together.

Many thanks to Armin Zedler for the great photos.


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Trousers - Teddy Smith

Shirt - Seidenstricker

Shoes - Strellson

Belt - Bugatti

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