My Summer Favourites

During the summer holidays, we often spend a lot of time on shopping before we start preparing our suitcase. Here are some of my top 5 summer accessories.




The hat is one of the most necessary and indispensable summer accessories. It can be beautifully combined with any summer look and it serves the perfect sun protection. I love any kind of birm hats and they are always with me on my summer vacation.


Straw Bag


The straw bag is one of my favorite summer accessories, it is fiting almost to every summer outfit. I love to wear straw bags in the summer. They are not only a chic accessory, but also an integral part of the everyday vision.




As a fan of simpler jewelery, I opt on something more pure and gentle. I am a fan of bracelets with charms. The good thing about them is that they can be combined according to the look and regardless of the season, they can be adjusted so as to give a beautiful end to the look and to emphasize the style.




Honestly, I have never been a sworn supporter of espadrilles and I often have denied them as a summer shoe. But it is never too late to fall in love. Interestingly, from the moment I got them I do not stop to wear them. A comfortable  and must have shoe in our summer wordrobe.




Another must have accessory in the summer. I like to wear sunglasses in all colors and combine them with my different summer looks. This summer I opted for sunglasses in retro-style in different colors.


Which are your summer favourites?

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