Think in Pink - A Dreamlike Spirit


During my last exhibition visits of sculptures and paintings in Germany, I came across a fabulous garden that captured me. Plenty of beauty, style, taste and sophistication. Art in every form is unique in itself.


Fashion as well is an art and part of our artistic essence, as a way of expressing ourselves, creating our own and individual style.

The summer is already there with its beautiful colors, the nature, the flowers, the scent of the roses and the sunny days. Floral motifs attends to brands collections in clear handwriting this year. Floral motifs are not only fashionable, they are one my favorite. And we could almost say that pink is the new red.

Floral motifs are romantic, they are feminine and reminiscent of those times full of charisma and carefree days.

This post is perhaps more related to romance and mysticism than to fashion. It is more about the nature and the dreamlike spirit. Because every moment is,  as beautiful as we can open our hearts to feel it.


Dress - Clockhouse

Bag - Orsay


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