White Summer Dress & Coutnry Feeling


"So rock me mama like a wagon wheel
Rock me mama anyway you feel"

- Darius Rucker - Country Song


The summer is like a song, like the wind in the hair and the sun shimmering light. Smiling gentle and looking to the blue sky with fields of gold around. This blog post is more about love than fashion. It is about summer love, the feelings and those summer walks you will always remember.

Like every summer I have something favourite to wear. This summer my favourite is this white dress with country motifs. There is nothing more comfortable than wearing a short summer dress and your favourite accessories fitting to the look and enjoying the summer.


I hope you can also feel it a bit I felt it there in the fields of gold and carying the country in my soul.



Dress - Clockhouse

Hat - Clockhouse

Sunglasses - Clockhouse

Bag - Orsay

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