Gifts wrapping




Gifts wrapping is one of my favourite parts of Christmas. I just love being involved so much in this Christmas magic and to create something beautiful.


Thant's why I prepared for you today some easy tips how to wrap you presents in 3 steps.

All you need is wrapping paper, scissors, tape, ribbon bow and nice mood.

Variation 1

Cut paper, put the gift in the center of the paper and begin to carefully to fold the corners.

Fix it with tape on the both sides.

Cut tape so that you can wrap it around the gift and also attach with tape.

Ribbon bow

Crop of tape in another color and bending so as to obtain a ribbon. Slightly stick and tied in the middle.

The ribbon is ready.

Attaching on the gift.

Here is the same as you can use different world ribbon and paper.

Variation 2

You can also use a simple way using prepared materials. Cut ribbon, wrap and attach with tape at the bottom in the middle put the ribbon. And the gift is ready.


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