Christmas star napkin



Let's start with the table decoration. It is a kind of passion and here I can certainly fantasize a lot. I would like to interjected that I gather from child napkins and love it. In addition to collect them I love to make beautiful decorations with them.


Here I'll show you a technique for folding the napkin so as to obtain a small star basket in which you can put something for your guests sweets or decoration.




Step 1:

Take a napkin and start to fold the ends.









Step 2:

Fold all corners until a uniform triangles. Once you fold them, turn paper napkin on the opposite side.








Step 3:

Once turned napkin likewise fold edges toward the center, making sure to get regular triangles again.






Step 4:

Then turn back the napkin and gently pulling out the folded tabs until all are evenly pulled from four sides.


Step 5:

Your christmas star napkin is ready and you can serve your guests. Optionally you can put inside goodies or decoration.


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