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Hello dear readers,

each of us strives to live a healthy life using modern superfoods, doing yoga, but a healthy lifestyle also applies to the way we clean and maintain our home. About 2 weeks ago, I had the pleasure to attend an Enjo Bulgaria event. Enjo is an Austrian company that manufactures eco-friendly home cleaning products which are used only with water. We often do not realize that the use of chemistry at home can cause allergic reactions and  for example cleaning the kitchen is extremely unhealthy as chemistry can harm our body.

I am happy to cooperate with Enjo Bulgaria, through them I have discovered a new world and a healthy way to keep my home clean. Cleaning is easier and faster with tem. The products they offer are suitable for every household. They have a big variety of products like special gloves for the kitchen, bathroom, living room, floor, and cosmetic sponges for makeup and face peels. The skin after using them is incredible clean and radiant. In addition to gloves and cleaning rods, they also offer eco-friendly household detergents such as laundry detergents, dishwasher and plant-based soaps. I am very sensitive to chemical products and also allergic to many of them.  With Enjo I found a friend at home. Chemicals have remained for me in the past, in addition to saving money, they make our lives healthier and more enjoyable.

I would like to say my special thanks to Maya Hristova Enjo's Bulgaria General Manager for the support and trust, as well as to the whole team of professionals who would be happy to choose the right products for your home.



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