I love cooking, it makes my day and brings happiness. To put love in cooking is something special.  It's just nice to make a delicious present for people we love. I hope you will enjoy my cookings.

Cooking for a healthy live! Because, cooking makes us happy! :)


Cupecakes with apples and spelt flour




 Low-Carb Pancekes with coconut milk

Stuffed baskets with puff pastry

 My Spring detox program

My Spring detox program with mango and coconut is an easy way to tackle viruses, clearing the toxins and improve stamina. This is the second year in a row in which I  try this magical method for me to stay fit. I feel healthier, strong and energized.

Super Foods

The so-called super foods are nothing more than  natural products without perservatives and artificial colors. For todays topis I decided to talk about super foods and how to make a good smoothie.

Smoothie Bowl Recipe

The Smoothie Bowl is like a cream you can eat for breakfast or just have it as a snack. Combined with the right ingredients can be really healthy and energize you for the  rest of the day.


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