Super Foods


Recently the super foods became very popular and modern, but the fact is that they can be really healthy. What are the super foods? Nowadays, the stores are full with glossy packaging, promotions and varioty of products. But many of us don't think what they really consist. I am fan of helthy food, that's why I prefer to eat an organic food.  The so-called super foods are nothing more than  natural products without perservatives and artificial colors. For todays topis I decided to talk about super foods and how to make a good smoothie.

I am not a big fan of green smoothies,  because they just are not my taste, so I decided to try out a new and modern kind of smoothie with fruits and other delicious ingredients. The first thing you need to know about smoothie is that there are different options to prepare it. One of the most popular smoothies is a drink smoothie, but today I chose to show a simple recipe of a smoothie bowl.


The Smoothie Bowl is like a cream you can eat for breakfast. Combined with the right ingredients can be really healthy and energize you for the  rest of the day.

I have chosen natural chocolate with chia, hemp seed and almonds. Also a dietary supplement of powder that is nothing more than dried fruits. Bulgarian chocolate Gaillo, coconut milk, yoghurt and nuts. The recipe can be found here: Smoothie Bowl

I have already written several articles about coconut, healthy eating and what effect these foods have on our body. That's why  this time I decided to experiment with a smoothie bowl. The result was very delicious and charged me with energy.


I woulk like you to share what kind of smoothies have you tried and what do you think about the super foods?



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