A fairytale story - Castle Brühl

My last trip recently was really exciting. Perhaps I have never shared about my passion for castles. I can say that any kind of castles, ancient fortresses, etc. impress me much. Today I would like to share with you some highlights from an interesting and beautiful place.


I have visited the fairytale castle Brühl. It is located in western Germany and about 30 km away from Cologne. The view is simply stunning and the castle shines in full grace. Everything inside is original more than 300 years ago. The beautiful gardens inspired by Versailles are breathtaking and you just cannot get enough of it.

One very intersting fact is the oval shape of the garden. It has a certain symbolism, namely that at the time was a sign of sophistication. What I really liked was feeling inside the castle as if you went back 300 years ago. Besides its beautiful gardens, close to the castle there is a forest where you can go for a walk or just to spend a nice afternoon.

Here I share some photos from my impressions there.

Once upon a time there was a  princess..... :)


Jacket - S'Oliver

Hat - Clockhouse

Boots - Deichmann

Watch - Jord Wood Watches


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