How to see Berlin in one day


How to see Berlin in one day? It is definetely not possible to see everything, but at least a few must have places should be on your list. Despite the short time I had there, I was able to see many beautiful things and the weather was fantastic. I stopped at a hotel that was in the center of the city, maybe it was the perfect choice because I saved transport, time and everything was able to reach be feet just in minutes. The hotel was on 'Alexander Platz' one of perhaps the most famous places in Berlin, which everyone knows. Walking distance about 10 minutes is the famous TV tower, as well as the hotel 'Park Inn' from where you can see Berlin from above. For 6 € you can even enjoy a drink on the roof.

The second destination is very close to the TV tower where is a beautiful park with a cathedral. I think there are about 8 churches and several cathedrals in the center. The most famous cathedral is the 'Berlin Dom', built in Baroque style. Definitely worth seeing the view inside is mildly stunning, but you can also get on the roof to see the rest of Berlin from every corner.

The next must have place to visit is 'Brandenburger Tor', a symbol of  Germany. It is one of my favourite places in Berlin. It is full with tourists and there are many nice cafes around. Not far from there in 5 minutes walk is the German 'Bundes Tag' or the so-called Parliament. The time wasn't enough to see it from inside, but even from outside it must at least be seen.

That was probably the fastest lap of the city in one day. It was worth it and it was exciting.


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    Karen (Tuesday, 06 November 2018 21:03)

    I love Berlin, I've been several times already! Some great shots :)


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