Briant Park & The Public Library

The last days I spent during my stay in New York were amazing. It was warm and I could visit incredible places and enjoy the sunshine during the day. In the evening I could enjoy my favorite roof top bar in Manhattan drinking cocktails with friends. I think anyway it won’t be enough saying how amazing New York was. Despite the rush and traffic jams there is always a place where you can relax from a daily life.

I definitely wanted to visit a place where Sex and the city was filmed. My friend Emma is a real professional and was guiding me through NY to one of the most beautiful and historical places. So we went to the Public Library in Manhattan, there was filmed the wedding part from Sex and the city.
I am used to beautiful buildings and castles from Germany, but this one place took my breath away. I honestly never seen before in my life more beautiful library like that. Placed in the heart of briant Park, the building is the most popular and important place for students who are learning inside.
Here are my photo impressions:


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