Burg Stolzenfels

Recently I have visited another amazing castle in Germany. Located near Cologne on the river Rhine, castle Stolzenfels is telling romantic stories and welcoming us with beautiful views.

This year I visited so many castles and this one I would love to visit again. The flower garden inside is so incredilbe and the fragrance of the flowers so intensive like you are in a dream.


This place has something special and just sitting there and enjoying the view literally could make your day. The only way to the castle is through the forest, it is located on the top of the mountain. It is about 10 to 15 minutes walk, but really nice to enjoy the landscape from above.


It was a pleasant day on the top of the mountain with knights, princesses and a fairytale castle.


Enjoy the gallery! :)


Top - Forever 21

Shorts - Clockhouse

Bag - H&M

Hat - Clockhouse


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