FAIRYTALE FOREST - Altenberg/Germany


Last week I have visited a farytale forest. It was exciting and interething experience for me. The place is not far from Cologne it is about 30 minutes by car. In the fairytale forest you can see small and old houses connected with the fairytale stories from our childhood, like (Snow white, Rapuntzel, Sleeping beauty and etc.). Walking through it I had the feeling being in another century exploring and  diving into an old history.


Next to the forest there is a small beautiful town  called Altenberg, with incledible market place and cathedral from the 15th century. I love historic places, there is something unique and magical about them. Anyway the spontaneous trip to places like that is a great way to spend nice time during the weekend. So if you are in Germany near Cologne at some time, take a trip to the fairylate forest and enjoy the walk though this beautiful place.


I would love you to share, which places have you been visiting recently?



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