Los Angeles - A city of angels

This trip was a kind of those one which are lasting forever in your heart. I remember taking my Uber from the airport in LA and driving to the house of my host. The car stopped in front of the house, she was waiting for me then she ran and  huged me like she knew me for her whole life, so amazing! The house, my room, the weather and the people everything was like my place to be. I felt like home! Going for the first time to the beach was a strange feeling, like those one when you are waiting for something for so long and  then it is just going to happen,  I was tired, but so excited and then there it was the beach and the ocean, it was magestic and endless. It felt like I was there before in another life.


California was so impossible in my dreams and so unreal when I was there. That's why I called it my California dreaming. Megical from the beggining! So I went to Venice beach and walked to Santa Monica. The weather was cold and windy, but my heart was warm from the view and that place. Santa Monica Pear is a kind of tourist place and also a nice one to walk around or just watching the beautiful sunset. There is also the historical place- the end of route 66. For those of you who don't know route 66 is the most popular highway in the world going through 8 states starting in Chicago and and ending in Santa Monica.


Here are some photo impression from my first evening in LA.



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