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My California dreaming


Someone told me California is the place to be! California is my place to be, so dreamy, magical and with an endless beauty. I had a dream to go to California and I did it and now it feels like a dream to me that I was there. :) It is hard to describe this place, because it has a special meaning to me and I left a peace of my heart there forever!


While my visit I stayed in Los Angeles, a big and impressive city with lots of entertaiment and interesting places. Lots of those places are one of the most popular locations  in the world like Venice Beach, Malibu, Hollywood, Santa Monica, Orange County and many more. LA for me is the city of art, there you can feel the art, it is like a magic around you. This is the city with maybe the most sunny days in the year. What I love about LA is that is different in every part of the town you are in.  Maybe this is the reason why LA is so special and unique.


My very favourite place is by the ocean. The ocean is so magestic and the beaches are like in a movie. For my short stay I saw many things and met so incredible people. LA  known also as a city of angels has a really strong sprirituallity. It has maybe the most yoga shops on one place I have ever seen in my life. It has everything from yoga, through vegetarian and vegan restaurants almost on every corner. Despite the food and spiritual vibe, Hollywood has it's own beauty and  special energy. Popolar with its nightlife, art, music, movies and the hills. The Hollywood Hills are amazing place just to run away from the big city and enjoy your day.


For my short stay there I saw some really intereting and beautiful places I would like to share here with you.





LA - the city of angels




Hollywood & Beverly Hills



Griffith Observatory



Venice Beach





LA - a city of art


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