Travel tips - how to pack a suitcase

We all know that the preparation of luggage before departure, is one of the most frustrating processes.
We are in hurry to prepare as many things as possible which we actually don’t need. We are stressing ourself too much when we even buy more swimwear and summer dresses that simply fill the space in our wardrobe without being aware that we do not need this. Therefore, we must make a plan to follow in order to pack our luggage quickly and easily.

Take a peace of paper, cell phone, computer or whatever you prefer and start making a list. Calculate how many days you're on vacation, where and what will be the weather like. In this way you already saved half time to prepare your suitcase.

Think about, how many outfits do you want to change during your holidays. If you want every day to be trendy, take an outfit for every single day of the vacation. Usually more than once a day is unnatural to dress up, especially when you are the whole day at the beach. After this step prepare the suitable shoes to the outfits, as well as additional accessories. Once you have completed these two steps, start with organizing the underwear that fit to your clothing.
For example, if you're  wearing white pants is not very aesthetically beautiful to put on your black underwear. Then prepare swimsuits and flip-flops. When you finish with all the clothes, head to the preparation of the cosmetic accessories. This is very important preparation proccess for the women. You should also be careful, especially if you fly you really can save buying shampoo and other things that take up space and weigh. Anyway you can buy them all over the world. Pack necessary arrangements and cosmetics.


Here's how it might look a list of necessary things for travel:



Pants / Jeans
Skirts / dresses

Key accessories


Beach bag
Coat / jacket, scarf

Optional accessories


Sport equipment / sneakers
Book  / magazine



Hair brush
lenses / glasses
Deodorant / perfume
Jewelry / earrings, necklace, bracelet, ring, watch. So on.
Clips, rubber bands or hair accessories optional
Sunscreen lotion
Body lotion
Nail file
Brush / toothpaste
Other cosmetics optional

Important for Travel


Boarding pass / Bus Tickets
Phone charger / Camera

This is of course ana example list with things for travel, everyone can take what he wants or he needs. There one more tip for even faster way to pack your suitcase. You can combine your clothes in kits, for example,  jeans with a determine T-shirt and etc.

This tip can save extra time before the trip.


Have fun with packing  and enjoy your holiday! :)

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