Manhattan Story

My very firts experience in America was New York - the city that never sleeps. It was very exciting walking out of the airport and feeling already this different spirit, it was America. :) Taking the metro and driving to Manhattan was crazy especially when this is your first ride, but I remember how I went up the metro stairs and there it was Manhattan. So stunning! Breathtaking views, skyscrepers and so many people, so I can tell you, yes it is like in the movies.


My first day in Manhattan was a short tour through the most popular places there. I saw Times Square, 43rd street, 5th Avenue, Grand Central Station, Central Park, Bryant Park, St. Patrick's cathedral, Rockerfeller center and lots of inspirational places around. Manhattan is so big that comfortable shoes are definetely a good idea. The city is very busy with lots of traffic. The good thing about NY is that the metro is giving you the opportunity to go very fast from one part of NY to the other in 40 minutes.


Exploring the streets of Empire State I saw people in rush carrying their starbucks and walikng on a red traffic light. On every corner you find something to eat and you can enjoy a cup of coffiee somewhere is a beatiful park between the buidings.


What I can definetely advice you for visiting the town is to have some places on the list you would like to see and first do a short tour through the most popular places to see where would you like to spend more time the next days.

New York is stunning in a literal sense and every day is a moment to discover something new and remarkable!


St. Patrick's Cathedral and 5 Ave.


Central Park and The Plaza Hotel


Grand Central Station and the Food Market


Empire State Building and the beautiful houses in west Manhattan.


Glamourous Times Square



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