New York - Empire State


For those of you who have never been to New York is very hard to explain what kind of city that is. Even for my short stay тхере I saw many things. My journey was a mix of sightseeing, hanging out and enjoying the sun in Central Park or having  a nice coctail on a roof top bar.

New York is so huge that a relistic describtion would be redicilous. When I think about NY the things are coming on my mind are busy, loud, dirty, special, cosmopolitan and telling stories. It is impossible to describe this place with one word.


It is really worth it knowing people there who can show you around before strugling into the horible traffic and metro :) That was maybe one of the most complicated things at the begging for me. On the other hand NY is endlless from skyscrepers, artistic people dancing on the streets, all kind of restaurants you could imagine and my favurite in the evening are roof top bars with stunning views above Manhattan.


Some of you would say and that's all? Of course not :) In a short time I was there here I share with you my tips and favourite places to visit while staying in the city.

For more impressions follow my NY sotory and the photo gallery.







The city that never sleeps.



Statue of Liberty



An adventurous tour




Brooklyn Bridge


Where the dreams are never ending





World Trade Center Observatory


360 view of NYC





Central Park



My relaxing place to be






Museum of Natural History



Dinasours and more...






Roof Top Bar



Sex and the city evenings





The New York Public Library





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