Palma de Mallorca

The Island

Palma de Mallorca is a wonderful island, nestled in the Mediterranean Sea. It has rich landscapes and  romantic places.
It provides you the opportunity to choose what type of holiday you want. There are quiet and small spots that are still wild and preserved the comfort of nature .
You can also find places with a lot of people and modern entertainment venues.
The climate is ideal for tourism, but if you want to make tour island the best time to  do it would be spring and autumn.


Palma is the capital of the island where it is located the beautiful cathedral, which is definitely worth seeing. The center of town, is also interesting and has exotic places, restaurants and cafes.


The beautiful beaches and bays are the treasure of Mallorca. There you can fully enjoy the beauty and the wonderful colors of the sea water. One of the most famous beaches is the so-called Caribbean beach - Es Trenc. They call it a Caribbean beach, because of the color of the seawater, which is like in the Caribbean and it's several kilometers long.


One of the most striking objects is Bellver Castle. It is a very close to Palma city. It takes about about 15 minutes by car. The view from the castle spreads over the whole city and the sea is stunning. There is a museum with ancient artifacts and a stage in the center of the castle, open hall where concerts are held yearly.


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