Pirin Golf & Spa - Bulgaria

The autumn is already here, but I am still in summer mood. So it is also my next blog post. We are in hurry in everyday life and sometimes we forget to relax. The place I was visiting recently is probably the best place to relax and spend your weekend. This was also one of my first visits in Pirin Golf & Spa .

Surrounded by the beautiful Pirin Mountain, Pirin Golf & Spa turned out to be my one of the very favorite travel destinations. Well, I do not play golf, but I loved the comfort and those beautiful landscapes has captured me.
The nice thing about it is that you can do a lot of other things there, like a pleasant walk, play golf, visit the spa center, do yoga, swim or just indulge in a well-deserved rest. It seemed to me that I did not get enough time there, but I fully enjoyed it.


I share a few photos so you can get at least an idea of this wonderful vacation place and see a part of my beautiful country Bulgaria.


Poncho - Clockhouse

Shorts - Clockhouse

Sunglasses - Clockhouse


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