Sport is my passion and an integral part of my life. Everything started when I was five. I've dealed with various sports, such as ballet, gymnastics, volleyball and etc., but pilates and yoga won my heart. Summarized as a combination of two sports - Yogalates is my faithful companion every day.


I guess I could say that yoga came into my life in a very important moment for me. Perhaps at a time I needed it most and through it I could find miself again. Through practicing I learn new and interesting things about the world, the people and myself every day.

I have been teaching yogalates for more than four years and that helped me to build a knowledge and to try various techniques of yoga and pilates.

I can boldly say that I love what I do and I'm really a happy person who has the ability to follow his dream.
So over time I began to go more in this Yogalates world and I decided to create individual training programs.

When I started with yoga and pilates, I could not even touch my toes and then my first thought was: "Oh no that's not for me "I was literally desperate by my own results. Until I realized over time that it's all about practice.


My very favorite motto is that anything is possible.

So if I can do it, then you also can! Welcome to the Yogalates world. Breathe in and soak in your own adventure!


Why an Yogalates e- book?


The Yogalates e-book allows you to learn and try different pilates techniques and yoga asanas and to integrate them as part of your daily practice.
With the e- book you can go deeper into the material and the basis for better a performance of the single exercises.


I hope I can help you to learn a variety of pilates exercises and yoga techniques so that you can apply them in your daily practice.
Here I have prepared a trial workout which you can download and try it out now.


Yogalates e-book: 7 workouts to start your day.
Have fun!

More about the preparation of  training programs you can read below or feel free to connect me directly. I would be happy to hear from you!

How did yoga change my life?



Many people do not know the meaning of yoga and what it does.
Yoga is a learning process and the art of knowing and expressing yourself, also controlling your feelings and emotions. Yoga is a way of being and merging with the eternity created by our own energy.

Yogalates for your body and mind




How yogalates can really help you to develop your body and mind?!

Here are some yoga asanas and pilates poses which I wanted to share you to keep your body and mind in flow. As a part of my teacher practice there are some important things I'd like to pay attention on.





What is Wanderlust? Wanderlust is a festival set its origin in the US, California in 2009. During the festival are performed various yoga practices and meditation outdoors. There are also additional events that you can take part.

Wanderlust Festival

Self reflection and goals




Today we talk about state of mind, self reflection and goals.
When you think about sports what is the first thing that comes to your mind?


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