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Sports, inner spirit and aims

Today we talk about state of mind, self reflection and goals.
When you think about sports what is the first thing that comes to your mind?

Do you do sports just to get in shape for the beach? Do you push yourself to do it, only because you are unhappy with the way you look ?

When I started doing sports, I thought in this way. All I wanted was to define more, to lose fat, to eventually get a six pack etc.

But I found out, that I stressed myself a lot by thinking these things and I was never really happy or satisfied with what I had reached. I always aimed for more.

I think this is a one way thinking, that doesn’t lead to inner balance or happiness. It leads to frustration and stress and stress is one of the worst things that we can do to our body. And when we are stressed, our body even avoids to burn fat, did you know that ?


Today my thinking is different.  I do sports to feel good and to be happy and not only because I want to look good. Because I believe, that when you are happy inside, you are beautiful from the outside as well.

Unfortunately, most of the people accept the sport as an obligation and think that they must practice it every day for several hours. They also think that to eat chocolate or pizza is not allowed anymore. of course it's not good to overdo it. Excessive rigor and perfectionism leads to consequences. And all this to look good, but in contrast, despite the efforts they are dissatisfied with themselves.

If we build our life with so many rules that must be followed, one day we will wake up and realize that we are not happy. We are not free, we feel empty and fallen into our own trap, pushing ourselves to do too much at any cost. At work, at home, with friends, even when we workout. We compare our life with others and always find a reason that our life is not as good as the life of our friends, acquaintances, colleagues and etc.

All these thoughts can not achieve anything except to have a negative impact on our body and inner spirit. And here is the moment when we have to ask ourself, what actually our inner spirit thinks and try to see the impact of our soul, to reflect.

What is actually a reflection? The reflection is like a mirror of our own body, feelings and thoughts. This is the mirror in which we can watch into every day. While watching into, concentrating on what we see there, maybe we will find answers to questions that we seek a lifetime. To be able to see this reflection, we should be  objective about ourself. To reflect is not only a life experience, it is a state of mind that allows us to reinvent ourselves.

I am a person who believes that anything is possible. Through my experience as a yoga and pilates teacher, I have learned many things from my students. I just watched them. I watched how they changed, how they have grown up and how they achieved their goals. I've seen also how some of them often couldn’t achieve what they wanted. Not because they can not achieve it, because they didn’t believe that they can do it.

This is the most important thing. To believe that we can achieve everything. Of course, this projection has to be measured and the aims are not being exaggerated. It is not going to be easy. We need to work hard and be patient.




Make a plan about your purpose and what do you want to reach in a certain sport, such as yoga. Then start to train every day 20 minutes, it’s enough because the body is not good to be overload. But anyway, it depends on what you want to reach.



Open your mind, feel the freedom and believe that all the wonderful things in the world are waiting for you. It is important to do it for yourself, because you do love yourself and because you deserve to be happy. Enjoy every minute you spent in activities with yoga or pilates, relax and feel each move you do. Focus on your breathing and let things happen by themselves. Thus began myself. Just tried different things does not matter if that worked out directly, I just did it, until one day I got there.


It's like a song with easy melody and nice rhythm. So inhale happiness and be yourself!

I hope the topic sports and  self reflection was interesting for you. I would love to hear your questions and comments.

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